Mascotas y animales domésticos

En este diálogo dos personas hablan de mascotas y animales domésticos. Para ampliar el trabajo con los estudiantes se sugiere visitar la secuencia didáctica «Mascotas».

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Norman & Pam

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NORMAN: Hey, neighbor. How's it going?

PAM: Fine. How about you?

NORMAN: Okay. By the way, my wife and I are going on holiday this weekend. Can you take care of some of our animals while we're gone?

PAM: How many pets do you have?

NORMAN: Well, I have Tiffany, that's my little dog. She's very playful.

PAM: Right. And noisy! I hear her barking all day long!

NORMAN: Sorry about that. Yes, she likes barking a little. But she's also very loyal and more intelligent than most dogs! We love her.

PAM: Of course.

NORMAN: Just feed her a can of dog food a day, and make sure she has enough water in her dish. And then, take her for a walk around the block.

PAM: Is that it?

NORMAN: Well, then there's Cookie.

PAM: Cookie? Who's Cookie?

NORMAN: Oh, he's the cat we adopted from the animal shelter. Poor thing, he's a bit aggressive and temperamental.

PAM: What do you mean «temperamental»?

NORMAN: Well, he is only friendly after 8 pm. So don't go near him during the day.

PAM: Sounds like an angry cat.

NORMAN: He is. So, be sure to feed him a half cup of cat food two times a day. And don't let him out of the house because he will run away and chase Adonis, the neighbour's dog. Cookie is smaller than Adonis, but that doesn't stop him.

PAM: I see.

NORMAN: And finally, there's Dora.

PAM: Dora? Who's Dora?

NORMAN: Ah, my sweet Dora. Come and take a look at her.

PAM: That's... That's a snake... That's a big, white snake. Is she dangerous?

NORMAN: Of course not... She's a very docile animal. In fact, she's friendlier than Cookie. She never bites anyone. She only hisses a bit. But she's less dangerous than you think.

PAM: So, there's Tiffany, Cookie and Dora.

NORMAN: I'm afraid there's more. Then we have Napoleon, Kincaid, Fluff...

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