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Este diálogo es acerca de la vida cotidiana de un joven. Para ampliar el trabajo con los estudiantes se sugiere visitar la secuencia didáctica «Un día en la vida de...».

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A Day in Jeff's Life

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Jeff is from Mexico but he lives in the US now. He lives the life of a teenage-boy. He gets up early in the morning to go to school. He washes his face and has a quick breakfast. His bike is in his room.
Jeff takes his bike to school. He studies until 1 PM. He has lunch at the school buffet at 1:30. In the afternoon he bikes home again. He sometimes hangs out with his friends in the park. They sing and Jeff plays the guitar.
On other days, he stays at home and watches TV or checks e-mails and chats on the computer. Jeff never gets home after 7 PM. His mother usually makes dinner but he likes cooking, too so on Thursdays Jeff cooks for his family. They have a family dinner at ten in the evening and Jeff goes to bed at eleven.
In Summer and Spring, he usually plays football with friends. They often play in the rain! In Winter and Fall, he plays in the snow if it is not too cold.

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