El mundo del trabajo

En este audio se presentan a los distintos trabajos que realiza Héctor, un hombre multitareas. Para ampliar el trabajo con los estudiantes se sugiere visitar la secuencia «El mundo del trabajo (I)».

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Héctor's Jobs

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Héctor is a very busy man. He is fifty-seven years old. He is married and has ten jobs. He's a driver, a policeman, a barman, a shop assistant, a hotel manager, an accountant, a fireman, a postman, a chef and a reporter. Let's know more about his life!

Héctor lives and works on Huemul island, in Río Negro. Only a hundred and ten people live on that island and they all work very hard. The island is an important tourist attraction, and many people visit it during the summer.

In the morning, Héctor works at his small hotel with his wife. He prepares breakfast for the guests and then checks the accounts and assists the guests. Then, he works as a shop assistant at the local supermarket. At midday he delivers letters to all the houses on the island.

In the afternoon, Héctor helps at the police station and the fire station. Sometimes, he works for the local newspaper as a reporter. He interviews local people and writes articles about their lives.

At night, he cooks dinner for the hotel guests and mixes drinks for them at the hotel bar. By the end of the day he usually feels exhausted. He has a drink with his wife and goes to bed.

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