Diálogos en una verdulería

Estos diálogos se refieren a algunas situaciones que pueden ocurrir en una verdulería. Para ampliar el trabajo con los estudiantes se sugiere visitar la secuencia didáctica «Frutas y verduras». 

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Leo's Greengrocer's

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— 'morning, Leo!

— Good Morning Mrs. Smith. What will it be today?

— Can I have a pound peppers? Are the green ones ripe?

— Yes, they came in this morning. How much will you have?

— How much are they?

— 89 cents each.

— Ok, I'll have two. And a large cauliflower, please.

— These bags are all 1.99 each. They are more or less the same size.

— That's great, Leo. How much are the green apples?

— .49 the pound.

— Give me a pound, please.

— Anything else?

— No, that'll be all.

— That's £5,26 please.

— Here you are.

— Thank you and thanks for stopping by at Leo's Greengrocer's.

— Thank you, Leo! See you tomorrow.

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Dina & Jack

Transcripción del audio

Dina: Excuse me?

Jack: Yes?

Dina: Can I have some tomatoes, please?

Jack: Sure. How much would you like?

Dina: A pound, please.

Jack: Here you are. Anything else?

Dina: Yes, I also need two pounds of potatoes.

Jack: Sure. Two pounds for you. Anything else?

Dina: Do you have any strawberries?

Jack: I'm afraid I don't. But I have some fresh raspberries. They are delicious. Would you like some?

Dina: All right. I'll take a half pound of those, then.

Jack: Perfect. Anything else?

Dina: No, that's all. How much is that?

Jack: Let me see... that's $15,50 please.

Dina: Here you are.

Jack: This is your change. Thanks and have a nice day.

Dina: Thank you.

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