Describir una vivienda

Estos audios hacen referencia a las viviendas de las personas, y pueden ser utilizados en la clase de inglés para generar actividades. Para ampliar el trabajo con los estudiantes se sugiere visitar las secuencias didácticas «Mi casa y tu casa (I)» y «Mi casa y tu casa (II)».

Tom from Chicago

We live in Chicago. My house is very spacious and comfortable. There are seven people in my family, so we need a large house.

There are five bedrooms and the living room is huge and bright. It has big windows overlooking a nice garden. The bedrooms are big, but there isn't enough space for clothes. We need more closets.

There are four bathrooms. The kitchen isn't big enough, though, so we often have our meals in the living room.

My neighborhood is a bit dangerous. There's too much crime. However I have two dogs and an alarm system. I wish I could live in a smaller town. We are planning to move soon.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith is a teacher at a public primary school. He is thirtyfour years old, and six feet tall. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He lives alone on the twelfth floor of an apartment building.

Every morning he takes the elevator down to the lobby and leaves the building. In the evening, he gets into the elevator, and, if there is someone else in it –or if it was raining that day– he goes straight back to his apartment. However, if there is nobody else in the elevator and it hasn't rained, he goes to the tenth floor and walks up two flights of stairs to his room.

Fabian from Uruguay

I live with my parents in a small house in the countryside. Our house is quite simple and comfortable. There is a small kitchen and dining room. Then, there's the living room, where we have a table and six chairs. But we rarely spend time there. We're in the front yard most of the time. We have a wonderful yard with flowers and a pond. There is also a seesaw which I used to play on when I was younger. I'm 16 now, too old for that...

My bedroom is small and always messy, but I like it. I have a large desk there where I keep my collection of model airplanes. That's my hobby. I also have a trunk where I keep most of my things.

Anna from Belgium

I live with my boyfriend in a one-bedroom modern house, only sixteen years old. It has sixtyfive square meters and is located in the heart of a small and old medieval city called Mechelen, near Brussels. It's a great city and many tourists visit the area in summer.

My favourite room in the house is the living-room. We have a very comfortable sofa where we spend most of our free time chatting, listening to music or just relaxing. The bedroom is lovely. We have a king-size bed and a small sofa. There is a TV and DVD player in the room.

I don't like the bathroom very much. It's too small and dark. I would love to have a bigger one, with a big bathtub and lots of space for my cosmetics..

Derak from Ukraine

I live in a flat near my school. I live on the 7th floor. There are four people living in it. We have a kitchen, two bedrooms, the living room and a bathroom.

At first there is a small closet for shoes and things. Opposite the front door is the living room. There are two armchairs, the coffee table and an old record player. There are many family photos on the walls. Near the living room is the bathroom. In the kitchen there is a large table, four chairs, a rubbish bin, a fridge and freezer.

I share my bedroom with my younger brother. I am fourteen and he is ten. Our room has 2 beds, a desk with a computer and a big bookcase with all our books and toys. We have a small window overlooking the street. My parents's room is bigger and has a big closet. But they don't have a computer in it!

This is my flat. In the centre of big ukranian cities many people live in apartments in big buildings. Most people rent their apartments. It's not common to own your place.


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