Recursos lingüísticos 

5) Lean y escuchen los siguientes diálogos.

Picture A

Tom: Do you wear jeans?

Jack: Yes, I always do. And you?

Tom: Me too, but I prefer sports clothes.

Jack: Yes, sports clothes are cool.

Fuente: Megan Soh / Flickr.

Picture B

Ann: What is your favourite brand?

Lynn: I don’t have one. What about you?

Ann: I prefer SuperSonic.

Lynn: Really? I hate SuperSonic!

Fuente: Nadia Pregoda-Lee / Flickr.

Picture C

Mark: What kind of clothes do you like?

Brenda: I like wearing casual clothes.

Mark: And how often do you go shopping?

Brenda: Once a month!

Fuente: Ralph Bijker / Flickr.